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Renovation Retrofit Extension insulation


Renovation Retrofit Extension insulation

Renovation Retrofit Extension insulation

Conservation Area Renovation Project in Wimbledon to remodel the ground floor to create a fully accessible bathroom.

RVI were briefed to evaluate the optimum design solution to create a fully accessible bathroom on the ground floor to improve the daily comfort of the mobility-impaired owner.

A comprehensive evaluation and strategic analysis of design options for remodelling and extension of the house to address current and future needs of the family. The short-term requirement was to design a fully accessible accommodation suite on the ground floor of the house for the owner. The spaces created designed to maximise functional practicality for carers and the procedures required for full time care including integration of specialist equipment if appropriate.


The proposal needed to be sensitive to the owner's long history with the house and garden, seeking to provide new context to familiar spaces that addressed comfort as well as the emotional challenge of relocation.


Creating aesthetic and physical connection with the garden was important but compromises were anticipated from the early stages in respect of this.


The strategy also evaluated future deconversion logistics of short-term remodelling/extension back to more typical accommodation arrangement to protect and potentially enhance future value of the property. Consideration of design variations, phasing and scope to mitigate construction complexity, disruption and cost.

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