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new forest renovation extension and retrofit

new forest renovation extension and retrofit

New Forest - Renovation and Retrofit

The brief


This beautiful neo-Palladian 1930’s house in the New Forest National Park required a delicate and phased program of internal remodelling, refurbishment and infrastructure modifications. A home renovation project to conserve, enhance and complement the exquisite original design.


The challenge


Due to rising costs and environmental considerations, RVI set about terminating a reliance on oil central heating without access to a gas supply. 


The Design Solution


A significant infrastructure re-design and installation project. the 4,000 sq ft house is now running  heating and hot water provided by an integrated system that uses geothermal, biomass, solar thermal and solar PV installations. These modifications in turn necessitated significant changes to the electrics and plumbing throughout. Over a period of years, RVI have worked closely with the owners to modify and upgrade almost every room.


The project continues. 

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